The Offices of the Black Walk Corporation can be reached at:

Phone: (905)493-5864

Fax: (905)493-3019


Company Directory

Mihkel Harilaid - President (Wikipedia) (LinkedIn) (IMDB) (EMail)

Craig Fleming - Vice President of Production (IMDB) (EMail)

Jennifer Masales - Vice President of Operations (LinkedIn) (EMail)

Clayton Masales - Vice President in Charge of Feature Film Development (LinkedIn) (EMail)

Tori Oxley - Senior Bookkeeper & Office Manager (LinkedIn) (Email)


General Inquiries (EMail)

Accounting Department (EMail)

Webmaster (EMail)


Submitting a project

To Submit a project of your own for review, please Click Here to fill out a questionnaire
detailing your project for us. We receive many submissions every month and do not
have the ability to reply to each submission. 

If we require any additional information or would like to
discuss your project further, we will contact you.