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Throwback Thursdays

Anyone who's read our Bio lately, or has been paying attention for the last 20 years, knows that Black Walk started by producing roughly 500 music videos (and holding more MuchMore Video Awards for those videos than any other company).

Since this is our 20th year, let's take a look back with our own version of "Throwback Thursday."

To start us off, below, we have Dayna Manning's "My Addiction."


In the Cayman Islands

Craig and a crew are trekking around the Cayman Islands shooting "Hookin' Up with Nick and Mariko," our new Travel and Destination Fishing Show.

Here they are, busy at work during a day on the beach. To follow along with the trip, we'll be posting photos (when the Internet allows) to our Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook, all the links are to the left.


A Taste of Banff

Right now, aside from a traveling fishing show, we're filming a large amound of scenery across Canada, showing the most beautiful, untouched nature we can. Those of you follow us on Twitter and Facebook (links on the left) have been kept up to date with our adventures. For everyone else, here's a taste of the mountains in Banff, where they're already experiencing quite a bit of snow.


This is Bow Falls.




   For anyone not familiar with the pair in the photo below they are Nick Honachefsky and Mariko Izumi. They are people who love to travel, fish, and have fun doing it. So Black Walk has begun filming a new Destination Fishing Show called "Trippin'", featuring these two as hosts.

   So far they've been to North Carolina, Louisiana, Florida, New York, the Bahamas, and Puerto Rico and while the fishing is a big part of why they've visited they're also taking the time to find out what else each destination has to offer, for those looking for more than a few days in a boat.

   By clicking their names above you'll be taken to their sites where you can learn all about them, including links to follow them on Social Media. We'll be posting photos soon, so far it's hard to round down from all the amazing ones coming in, and keeping you all up to date as the series continues.


Another Road Trip

  With the same idea as the last trip, the Black Walk Team is heading into Northern Ontario to find more of the most beautiful scenery this province offers.

  Below is a Google image of the intended route with some of the destinations posted in along the way. If you know of any amazing sights along the route please let us know on our Facebook Page, we'd love some input of anyone who's travelled around Ontario.

  Plus, we'll be posting more behind the scenes photos during the trip to our Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. Links are below the route photos, follow us to get updates as the trip progresses.