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Flashback Friday

Included in the Special Features of "Phil the Alien", here is "Waiting for the Man". 

Enjoy this Flashback.



If you paid attention to our Website/Facebook/Instagram last year you know that we went on a road trip during the summer. We spent three weeks traversing Canada filming "Reflections," a series on the DayStar Network in the United States and coming to GraceTV In Canada.

Well, here we go again.

We are very pleased to be filming the next season of the program and are ecstatic to be going abroad. This Saturday we leave for several weeks to visit Spaid, Gran Canaria, and Morocco. Beyond that, we have plans to film in South America (Lima, Peru, Argentina, Brazil), Africa, South East Asia, Iceland, and Mexico.

We can't wait to start posting photos of things we've seen and places we've gone.


Black Walk has been Upgraded

We just received our newly upgraded RED Epic Dragon 6K Camera. Some new components added in mean we're able to create some of the Highest Definition Images possible and an etching of DRAGON on the outside means we get to show it off.

Can't wait to get out and see the difference.

If you'd like to look into owning your very own RED, go to to learn all about them and visit their store.


"Agency of Vengeance" Now Available in the United States of America

"Agency of Vengeance," formerly known as "Dark Rising 2: Summer Strikes Back," is now available in the United States of America through iTunes and Amazon.


It's been two years since Warrior Princess Summer Vale was saved by Jason Parks from her life in a demon dimension and everything has changed...

A sudden surge of supernatural activity cause Col. Haggerd to suspect that the mystic strikes are the work of Mardock, an evil Demon-God capable of destroying our world. With the help of sexy field agent Holly and half-demon Bulo, Summer and Jason set out to solve the mystery of Mardock and prevent the coming apocalypse.


"Dark Rising: Warrior of Worlds" Premiere on SuperChannel 1

Cancel your Sunday plans and get ready for the SuperChannel Premiere of "Dark Rising: Warrior of Worlds."

Follow along with Summer Vale in a new, Darker side of the Dark Rising Universe. The first episode airs Sunday July 20th at 7:05PM on SuperChannel 1.

Visit our Production Page to learn all about the series and visit SuperChannel 1 for further airing Dates and Times. Please contact your Television Provider for information on how to subscribe to SuperChannel so you can tune in and enjoy.